Friday October 13-15, 2017


Haunted Sands Hotel 12340 Fort Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 2B9


16 Professional Speakers

CREEPY CON 2017 / We are waiting

Creepycon is coming. This October, scream alongside horror’s biggest fans while enjoying the weekend of a lifetime. Bring your friends, and meet new ones while reveling in all things horror, supernatural and sci-fi. Do not miss the first gathering of it’s kind in Alberta, that is sure to set the precedent of the scariest weekend of all time.

Peruse the trade show for unique costumes, trinkets and toys. Enter your original movies in the film contest and share your creepy artistic genius with the world. Experience the latest in horror costumes and makeup at the fashion show. Show off your own costumes and makeup during the cosplay and costume contest. Learn the behind the scenes magic that make all your favorite effects come to life during demonstrations from industry experts. Meet your muses during speaker presentations and panel discussions. But most of all, spend a weekend embracing all things creepy with fellow horror enthusiasts.


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Film Contest / Get Screened

Many of our first experiences loving the mysterious and magnificent world of creepy began in a movie theater. Many of us translated our love for watching films into a love for making films. Celebrate your creations on the big by entering your creepiest, scariest, sci-fi-iest movies in the film contest. Watch your vision come to life alongside fellow horror filmmakers and be entered to win the grand prize.

For those who enjoy watching films, explore the best local productions and find new up and coming artists in your very own community. Take part in the film contest and see the best local horror films before they explode into worldwide sensations.


Trade Show / Sell Stuff

Have you ever wanted to sell your home-made ghoulish goods? Have you ever wanted to test your hand at sharing your own personal horror’s with the world. Now is your chance. Sell your wares at the CreepyCon Tradeshow and watch your visions come to life in the hands of the multitudes of fellow CreepyCon attendees. For only $160, you will have your very own table to invent your own personal little shop of horrors.

Make sure to peruse this impressive display or terrifying handiwork, and grow your collection of costumes, accessories and kooky knick knacks to fuel your fire for all things creepy. This is going to be the biggest marketplace for horror pieces, and is not to be missed.


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Creepy Con YEG- The Horror Con in Edmonton

That is Right. You have found the Horror, Sci Fi and Supernatural Event in northern Alberta. This event will kick off FRIDAY 13… In October. WOW what a year for the inaugural event. This website will have updates for who is coming,

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Haunted Sands Hotel 12340 Fort Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 2B9

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